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I Just Got Sued by My Credit Card Lender!

They can’t take your money unless they sue you.  Credit cards are unsecured loans.  There is no car or House or TV to take back if you can’t pay the bill.  The credit card lender can easily get the Judge to rule for them and enter a judgment against you for the bill plus their lawyer fees and costs.  They bring a copy of every credit card purchase you have ever made to show as evidence to the Judge.

In Alabama, the judgment allows the credit card lenders to take money out of your checking or savings account.  They can garnish your paycheck. This means that your employer is Ordered to take twenty-five cents of every doallar you earn and send it to the credit card lender that got the judgment against you.  If you own land they use the judgment to ask the Judge to put a lein on your home.  They get 1% interest every month that is added until the judgement is paid in full.

It sounds hopeless, but it’s not.  To protect yourself, you should act quickly before they have a judgment entered against your name.  I can protect you with a bankruptcy or a Federal Bankruptcy Court enforced debt reorganization.  Once they have a judgment, I can have it removed.  It just costs a little more to fix it.  Come sit down and let’s talk about your specific situation.  The first visit is free.