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Bankruptcy Answers for Alabama

Saving Your Home After the Death of a Husband

Case Study: Saving Your Home After the Death of a Husband I was able to help my client save her home after her husband passed away this spring. With the expenses of his last illness and burial, her fixed retirement income was not enough to pay the mortgage for several...

Case Study: Stop Mortgage Foreclosure FAST!

Stop Mortgage Foreclosure FAST! Today we helped our client to save her home from mortgage foreclosure. When she called, there was a mortgage foreclosure scheduled on her home. Following an illness and missed work she reached out to the mortgage lender, but they didn’t...

Life After Bankruptcy

Ok, it's over. You have your Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge from the Bankruptcy Court. What now? Do these seven things to tie up your loose ends and begin your fresh start the right way! Keep Keep your Discharge Order. Keep your lawyer's contact information. Keep a...

Government Stimulus Check: Don’t Believe the Hype!

So here’s what’s up: To Tenants: If the government says you don’t have to pay your rent and there’s a ban on evictions, you better do whatever you can to pay your rent. There will be major repercussions when evictions bans are lifted. Don’t think you’ll get a free...

This is the Era of Do-It-Yourselfers.

This is the era of Do-It-Yourselfers.    Spend a few hours on Google, download the official bankruptcy forms, and you can file your own bankruptcy or Chapter 13!  What could possibly go wrong? Tomorrow, December 1, 2015 NEW bankruptcy forms are required in...

Alabama Payday Lending Tops $120M in Two Months

In a break from tradition, instead of a blog entry essay, I am reproducing the entire article from www.collectionscreditrisk.com  that can be found here: alabama-payday-lending-tops-in-two-months I could not say it better myself.   Payday loans are the scourge of the...

Bad Loans Remain Well Above Precrisis Levels

Even though unemployment is shrinking, wages have fallen over the past seven years since the Great Recession of 2007.  Banks are struggling to make new loans to a smaller pool of high credit rating holders.  The bad debts that limp along keep banks from recovering and...

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