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Bankruptcy Protection from Wage Garnishment

Government Stimulus Check: Don’t Believe the Hype!

So here’s what’s up: To Tenants: If the government says you don’t have to pay your rent and there’s a ban on evictions, you better do whatever you can to pay your rent. There will be major repercussions when evictions bans are lifted. Don’t think you’ll get a free...

Paycheck Garnishments Are Easy To Stop!

In Alabama, wage or paychecks garnishments take 25% of your pre-tax income and give it to your creditors! They can also get into your personal bank account and take whatever is there. Alabama has laws to protect you from garnishment. Creditors hope you won't find out...

HOW TO: Keep Your Car in Bankruptcy – Exemptions, Reaffirmations.

Whether you are able to keep your car in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy depends on many factors including where you live and how much you owe on the car. So let’s discuss these in detail below. Exemptions A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not intended to deprive you of all of your...

Home “Short Sales” On Underwater Mortgages

Since 2008, some homeowners have seen their home's market value fall below their mortgage balances.  Many have found that they now owe tens of thousands of dollars more to the mortgage company than their home is worth. What can you do to protect yourself? "Short Sale"...

I Just Got Sued by My Credit Card Lender!

They can't take your money unless they sue you.  Credit cards are unsecured loans.  There is no car or House or TV to take back if you can't pay the bill.  The credit card lender can easily get the Judge to rule for them and enter a judgment against you for the bill...

Should Grandma File Bankruptcy?

Many of us hope to leave our family homestead and heirlooms to our children.  The problem these days is that there may be so much debt that creditors would take it all! Bankruptcy can prevent liens and judgments against the title to the home and preserve equity...

Protection from Creditors

You can get protection from creditors and pay them back under the protection of the Federal Courts without filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Many people qualify to pay pennies on the dollar.  Come by for a free evaluation by Mr. Davis  (not a legal secretary, like the big...

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