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Chapter 13 Debtors Court to Reorganize your Debts

The Means Test Is a Paper Tiger for Most Bankruptcy Filers

Means Test is a Paper Tiger for most bankruptcy filers Since 2005, bankruptcy filers have been required to pass a "Means Test" to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy debt discharge.  http://goo.gl/hNjjzv  Basically, the Means Test is a formula that determines whether...

Lien Stripping in Bankruptcy…Can it be done?

Last Friday I attended a useful and scholarly Continuing Legal Education seminar hosted by the Birmingham Bar Assoc. Local attorney Robert C. Keller spoke for an hour on Automatic Stay Violations and on Lien Stripping in Chapter 13. He did a good job of making the...

Will My Neighbors Know?

Will my neighbors know that I have filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Not unless you tell them. No one puts a sign in your yard. Not even your mother will know. Bankruptcies are public record, but someone would have to look at your credit report or search the Courthouse...

What to Do with Your Debts

Will I lose my house and car and the shirt off my back if I file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? No, most people who are up to date on house and car payments keep those debts and keep paying for them. State laws protect your clothes amd books and heirlooms and other...

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