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How Will Bankruptcy Impact My Spouse?

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If you are married and plan on filing bankruptcy alone, it is important to take great care to ensure that the steps you take do not negatively impact your spouse. Filing bankruptcy alone does not give your spouse the protection of bankruptcy, and it does not eliminate your spouse’s responsibility for shared debts.

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Bankruptcy and Joint Debts

First of all, it is important to note that marriage alone does not mean that both spouses are responsible for all debts. In order for something to be considered a joint debt, both spouses must have signed the contract and agreed to have joint liability for the debt.

While filing bankruptcy may protect you from creditor actions, your spouse could then be subject to those actions for the full amount of the debt. My experience means that I know the steps that can be taken to avoid this problem.

Bankruptcy and Joint Property

In some cases, bankruptcy requires the filer to give up property. Even property shared between husband and wife may need to be turned over and used to pay creditors. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration before moving forward, and I will educate you about how this possibility could impact you specifically.

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