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Avoid Foreclosure & Keep Your Home

Helping Prevent Foreclosures — Bankruptcy Attorney Brent W. Davis

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Getting behind on your mortgage payments is an awful feeling.  Something has happened that is out of your control.  A serious illness, losing a job, or getting a divorce can all cause financial difficulty, resulting in an inability to pay bills and perhaps even a real estate foreclosure. At Brent W. Davis & Associates, LLC in Homewood or Pelham, Alabama, our experienced Bankruptcy attorney knows how stressful a home foreclosure can be for you.

A home foreclosure lawyer should make you feel comfortable. The mortgage company and their collectors are trained to make you feel worse about not being able to pay your debts. Our law firm and our foreclosure attorney will not.  You will be treated with dignity and respect.

Avoid Foreclosure

Whether you want to hold on to your house because of significant equity or sentimental value, bankruptcy attorney Brent W. Davis will help you stop foreclosure. Time is of the essence and we must act quickly and before the date of the sale. Filing bankruptcy will stop the foreclosure, but if the sale is complete then it is too late.

At Brent W. Davis & Associates, you will sit down with a Lawyer (not staff) and talk with you about your situation and craft a personal plan to resolve your problem. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing will give you a fresh start and terminate your debts forever. Most folks are able to keep paying for their home and automobile during the bankruptcy and keep those precious assets. Chapter 13 reorganization can prevent you from losing any of your assets, including your car. Creditors must get in line to be paid as the Court tells them.  They can’t wipe their noses without the Court’s permission.

Long-Term Strategies to Prevent Foreclosure

If you think you will have trouble paying your mortgage and the foreclosure sale has not happened yet, other options for preventing foreclosure may be available to you. These options include mortgage modifications, short sales and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

For more information on preventing foreclosure of your home or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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