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Case Study: Stop Mortgage Foreclosure FAST!

Stop Mortgage Foreclosure FAST!

Today we helped our client to save her home from mortgage foreclosure. When she called, there was a mortgage foreclosure scheduled on her home. Following an illness and missed work she reached out to the mortgage lender, but they didn’t offer any workable options to stop the foreclosure that fit her budget. With home prices higher than ever, the mortgage lender was eager to take her home.

Her kids are in school. They are her number one priority. She does not want to lose her home and have the kids end up in a new school district. It’s hard on kids to uprooted and be forced to make new friends.

We were able use Chapter 13 bankruptcy debt reorganization to stop the mortgage foreclosure and reduce her other debts to little or nothing! Chapter 13 plans give lenders no choice but to follow the repayment terms of the bankruptcy Court.

We can do the same for you. Ask about our no-money-down attorney fee and court costs case filing program. File the case now and pay later. Virtual consultations are available.