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Saving Your Home After the Death of a Husband

Case Study: Saving Your Home After the Death of a Husband

I was able to help my client save her home after her husband passed away this spring. With the expenses of his last illness and burial, her fixed retirement income was not enough to pay the mortgage for several months and the mortgage company had sent a notice of foreclosure.

Her worry was that without her husband’s income, she would lose their home of more than 40 years.

Using Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we made a plan to repay her missed mortgage and stopped the foreclosure sale before it could be held. Chapter 13 was also able to reduce her car payments. The biggest surprise was how much we saved her on old credit cards and other unsecured debt.  We were able to reduce her unsecured debt to under 11% (and the rest is erased by law).

Now her home is safe and her Chapter 13 payments to the Chapter 13 Trustee protect her from all creditors.

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