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That Boyfriend from Twenty Years Ago Ruined My Credit Today

Case Study:

That Boyfriend from Twenty Years Ago Ruined My Credit Today.

The first call of the day was from a suburban mom. She was in tears after her paycheck was garnished from out of the blue. We talked for a while, and I explained all the legal protections of Chapter Seven bankruptcy that were available.  I did a little investigation on AlaCourt online.

Turns out, she had been sued years ago for an apartment she had co-leased with a boyfriend way back in college. Things had not ended well when they parted ways and she had always thought he kept the apartment when she left.

Fast-forward to today and with judgment interest over the years, the debt had grown to five figures! The wage garnishment was taking 25% of her BEFORE tax income. Her mortgage and car loans had never been a minute late. She did not want to lose her home or car. I advised a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to stop the wage garnishment to be able to support her growing family.

Here’s what Chapter 7 Bankruptcy did to protect this client:

We were able to keep her home mortgage and car loan out of the bankruptcy discharge. We used the law to eliminate the garnishment. After bankruptcy was filed, she chose additional legal services to remove the recorded Judgment lien from her home.

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