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Federal vs Alabama Exemptions

Federal vs Alabama Exemptions

Understanding every aspect of bankruptcy is something that only a bankruptcy lawyer will know. As a person filing for bankruptcy, you will likely have questions about the process, what you can keep and how bankruptcy will affect your life. You need guidance from someone who will provide honest and straightforward answers to your questions.

I am bankruptcy lawyer Brent W. Davis, and my entire law practice is dedicated to helping consumers with debt relief. As a highly experienced Alabama bankruptcy exemptions attorney, I understand the importance in educating my clients about bankruptcy and providing strong advocacy. You can set your expectations high when you work with me.

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Exemptions in Bankruptcy

Every state has unique rules about exemptions for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In Alabama, people who are filing for bankruptcy can choose from state exemptions or federal exemptions.

Nearly all of my clients choose to go with federal exemptions because of the limitations of Alabama exemptions. For example, Alabama does not have a homestead exemption in bankruptcy. Alabama exemptions do not allow you to protect as many of your assets as possible, so in most situations it is ideal to choose federal exemptions.

Exemptions are one of the most important aspects of a bankruptcy. It is equally as important to be educated about your options and your rights as a person who is planning to file. At my firm, I work directly with clients and walk them through the entire bankruptcy process. I am here to help you avoid pitfalls, protect your interests and help you get the financial freedom you need.

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