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Debt Settlement vs Bankruptcy

Birmingham Debt Settlement Lawyer

There are several different options that consumers have for debt relief. Some include debt consolidation, bankruptcy and debt settlement. People who are faced with overwhelming amounts of medical, credit card and personal debts should take time to learn the basics about their options and seek quality legal advice. I am here to provide the advice you are seeking.

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I am bankruptcy lawyer Brent W. Davis, and I represent individuals throughout Alabama. With more than 20 years of experience in consumer bankruptcy matters, I take a proactive and individualized approach to representing my clients. When you retain my services you can set your expectations high.

Debt Settlements and Bankruptcy

Debt settlements are usually negotiated by an agency or a bankruptcy lawyer. They are typically voluntary, meaning that all creditors do not have to agree to the settlement. If all creditors do not participate in the settlement, you could face debt issues that could have otherwise been avoided with bankruptcy.

In a reorganization or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your creditors are forced to participate in the repayment plan. Payments that are made to unsecured creditors are interest free, where as in debt settlements payments that are made will include interest.

As an experienced Birmingham debt settlement attorney, I have helped thousands of people get debt relief through bankruptcy. I understand the challenges and stresses associated with overwhelming amounts of debt and am here to guide you through the bankruptcy process. I do not back down to a challenge and take a detail-oriented approach to working on every bankruptcy case. You can trust my proven track record.

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