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Don’t Go to Jail for Back Child Support!

We serve many hard-working people that pay their child support and love their kids. When good people have employment interruptions or illness, child support payments can fall behind.
Unfortunately, here in Alabama Child Support laws can be used to kick you when you’re down. My clients find new employment or recover from illness and go right back to paying Child Support. It is hard to recover financially and often before there is time to catch up, Child Support enforcement by DHR or the custodial parent comes along and makes things worse by trying to throw you in jail for the Child Support payments that are behind.

How we can use Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to protect you when you are trying to pay back child support, but they want to put you in jail.

We can get a Federal Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Order to STOP the State of Alabama Domestic from sending you to jail. Federal Orders tell State of Alabama Judges what to do!
The Chapter 13 will give you time to safely catch up, while you re-organize and SHRINK your debts so your budget works again. Chapter Thirteen will catch up car payments, mortgages and even IRS!

We can propose up to 60 months to repay most debts at zero interest.

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